Data On The Road

The wanderings of a couple, a working data professional, colleagues in the community and life on the road

Data & Business Intelligence

Paul has been blogging and speaking at tech conferences since 2009. You can follow his tech blog here, and read about Business Intelligence, Analytics and the Microsoft data platform.

Work | Life

This blog is about working, staying connected, meeting interesting people in our community and living life on the road.

Who Are We?

We’re Paul and Sherri Turley from Ridgefield, Washington. In the Spring of 2021 we moved into the Data Bus to work, travel and experience life on the road. In October we head South, East and ?.

The Data Bus

The Data Bus is a 2021 Tiffin Allegro RED outfitted with multi-mode networking and a business office. We bring along our Rad Power Bikes and tow a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK.

Our Journey

Follow us on our journey as we meet-up with colleagues and work from the road, around the US.

Tech and Community

Interviews with Data Community leaders and professional colleagues in the Azure data and Power BI space. Learn who they are and how they balance their intense investment into community service with career, hobbies, activities and life.

Andie Letourneau, stitching data & cloth

3Cloud Culture, Community, Sewing and Wine

Oz du Soleil, Excel MVP, Mentor & Trainer

Interview with Oz du Soleil, Excel MVP and trainer extraordinaire. Oz is one of the most recognizable leaders of the world-wide Excel committee. He hosts the popular “Excel On Fire” YouTube channel and Excel training courses through Linked In Learning.

Will Aguilar, 3Cloud Data & Analytics Consultant

Will recently joined the 3Cloud Data and Analytics team after completed his MBA program at Washington State University. As a community leader, he has presented to audiences at the Oregon Data Community and volunteered at SQL Saturday. Will talks about his love for extreme fitness challenges and Spartan events.

Jeremy Black, 3Cloud BI Sr. Consultant

Putting business first above technology, changing the paradigm for analytic business users, life & travel.

Kelly Kaye, Power BI Community Lead at Microsoft
Kellyn Gorman, Microsoft SQL Server; Oracle SME for the Cloud Architecture and Engineering Team at Microsoft

Kellyn has played a lot of interesting roles in the Microsoft and Oracle communities, and within Microsoft where she works as an Oracle expert on the Cloud Architecture and Engineering Team. She’s a well-known public speaker, mentor and advocate for diversity and Women in Technology. She and her husband Tim spent over two years on the road, sharing their experiences at

Chris Finlan, Paginated Reports Group PM

on taking shots, working hard, working smart and Playing Games – with bears

Learning Sword Craft from the Master

After our interview, Matthew shared his passion for HEMA, Historical European Martial Arts, with Bogdan Crivat and I. Bogdan put his Karate skills to use and I demonstrated my lack of dexterity.

Matthew Roche, Microsoft CAT Team

Front porch interview about building a business data culture, defining community and finding balance – with family, food cats, swords and other forms of heavy metal.

Kirill Perian, 3Cloud Senior BI Consultant

Passion for data, solving business problems with technology, learning Spanish and playing the Russian accordion

Jessica Aguilar, Oregon Data Community & 3Cloud

An unusual drive for success, education, sponsorship, quality and equality.

Chat with Mike Wall from Oregon Data Community

Community makes us all better by rising together

More content including archived interviews are in these YouTube playlists: Data On The Road | The Data Bus

Fun, Food, Life

In August, we rafted the Deschutes River in central Oregon. We were joined by my brother Mike, Dave Gassaway, and Lucia & Dion Leonard, world champion ultra marathon runners and author of the best-selling book, Finding Gobi.

Getting Started & Life in the Bus

First few trips and the transition from “sticks and bricks” to the Bus. The office and network installation; how we are staying connected on the road.

Office and Tech Install
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