Aren’t you on the wrong coast?

Yes. Our plans changed. We had planned to stay in Florida for at least the winter, and possibly into early Spring. But plans have changed and that’s the thing that is so great about being mobile… we can also be flexible while being productive from the road. The short version of the story is thatContinue reading “Aren’t you on the wrong coast?”

Plans Change and That’s OK

As we approach Christmas and the new year – this this past year has been an exercise in flexibility; planning ahead and going with the flow. When we set-out on our adventure on October 1, we had meticulously planned our route and made several reservations. Along the way, we’ve met several full-time RV dwellers whoContinue reading “Plans Change and That’s OK”

Buck Woody Interview in Orlando

One of the most recognizable members of the Microsoft data community and one of my heros, Buck Woody has been teaching and presenting at conferences for the past 16 years while holding leadership positions at Microsoft. He is a mentor to many, frequently sharing advice and pearls of wisdom. We chatted at the Live! 360Continue reading “Buck Woody Interview in Orlando”

An Interview from The Cube, with Adam Saxton

Seven years ago Adam Saxton started recording short video presentations from his cubical at the Microsoft Technology Center in Las Colinas, Texas. Branded as “Guy In A Cube”, he shared his learnings as a Customer Support Senior Escalation Engineer. Teaming up with colleague, Patrick Leblanc, they now have a YouTube following of about a quarterContinue reading “An Interview from The Cube, with Adam Saxton”

Interview on the Road with Andie Letourneau

This is our first community leader interview on the road after setting sail for the south. Andie Letourneau is a tenured data professional who has worked with SQL Server “since it was just a baby”, in her own words. Today she develops data solutions using several Azure-born tools. She is speaking at the PASS VirtualContinue reading “Interview on the Road with Andie Letourneau”

Finally Out There! – Idaho, Utah & Arizona

We’ve been on the road for a week. After leaving Vancouver, Washington for a cross-country trek through the Southwest and Southern US, our destination on this leg of the journey is the Orlando Live! conference in Florida in mid November. Stops will include Phoenix, Albuquerque, Lubbock, Dallas, Houston, Lafayette, Vaiden MS, Red Bay AL, Atlanta,Continue reading “Finally Out There! – Idaho, Utah & Arizona”

Going On The Road – Fall & Winter 2021

On this first leg of the Data Bus journey, we are heading to Florida from our soon-to-be former home in Vancouver, Washington. We plan to meet up with colleagues, data community leaders and user groups along the way. We’re just getting started on this grand adventure so we welcome your comments below this post. Can’tContinue reading “Going On The Road – Fall & Winter 2021”

Interview with Chris Finlan, Group Program Manager for Paginated Reports on the Power BI team

Chris shares his insights about working hard, playing hard and disconnecting before work life consumes you. He tells us how he shares advise to work colleagues in his team and to members of the community. Paginated Reports remains awesome. We talk about the Microsoft data platform and Power BI community, the Bear and assorted things.Continue reading “Interview with Chris Finlan, Group Program Manager for Paginated Reports on the Power BI team”