An Interview from The Cube, with Adam Saxton

Seven years ago Adam Saxton started recording short video presentations from his cubical at the Microsoft Technology Center in Las Colinas, Texas. Branded as “Guy In A Cube”, he shared his learnings as a Customer Support Senior Escalation Engineer. Teaming up with colleague, Patrick Leblanc, they now have a YouTube following of about a quarter million subscribers. They have a series of training classes and a weekly cadence of high-quality, informative and entertaining “how-to” videos on every imaginable topic related to getting the most from Power BI. Every Saturday morning at 9:30 AM Central Time, they broadcast an interactive Power BI livestream Q&A session on YouTube.

When I told Adam that we were coming through the Houston area in the Data Bus, he and his wife Crystal invited Sherri and I stay and to join the Saturday morning Power BI livestream. What a great experience to spend the weekend with with their wonderful family of four humans, six dogs and a sheep named Wilson. Adam grills a mean steak and we watched the premiere of Dune in the theater room.

Adam loves to give back to the community. Spending time with him, you quickly understand two things about him: he loves tech and toys and he genuinely wants to help people learn. OK, maybe there is a third thing… that there is only one Adam, and that’s the real Adam. There is no front, no facade. He is very transparent about who he is, what he does and why. He talks about his mentors and heros, and why he loves what he does – personally and professionally… two worlds that overlap in many ways.

He talks about how he got started in the early days of his career on the Microsoft help desk as a Senior Escalation Engineer, his mentors, and becoming and one of the most recognized Microsoft community leaders in the world. He shares his love for tech, family, video, problem-solving, helping others, giving back and paying forward.

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Published by Paul Turley

Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Principal Consultant for 3Cloud Solutions Specializing in Business Intelligence, SQL Server solutions, Power BI, Analysis Services & Reporting Services.

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