Data On The Road

The wanderings of a couple, a data professional and life on the road

Data & Business Intelligence

Paul has been blogging and speaking at tech conferences since 2009. You can follow his tech blog here, and read about Business Intelligence, Analytics and the Microsoft data platform.

Who Are We?

We’re Paul and Sherri Turley from Ridgefield, Washington. In the Spring of 2021 we moved into the Data Bus to work, travel and experience life on the road.

Work | Life

This blog is about working and living life on the road.

Our Journey

Follow us on our journey as we meet-up with colleagues and work from the road, around the US.

The Data Bus

The Data Bus is a 2021 Tiffin Allegro RED outfitted with multi-mode networking and a business office. We bring along our Rad Power Bikes and tow a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Tech and Working Space

Chat with Mike Wall from Oregon Data Community

The office and network installation; how we are staying connected on the road.

Office and Tech Install
Getting Started & Life in the Bus

First few trips and the transition from “sticks and bricks” to the Bus.